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Trust the Professionals for Propane Gas Service

Your propane tank installation means you can count on a reliable energy source that is safe and eco-friendly. It can keep your home or business warm, heat water, cook food, and dry clothes. If you notice that your system isn’t operating as efficiently as expected, call us for propane gas service.

We will take a look at your propane tank installation, troubleshoot the issue, and take measures to get your system running properly again. It never pays to wait and see when you are dealing with gas. Always call in the professionals if you suspect there’s an issue with your propane tank or lines.

Protect Your Safety

Signs that your installation might require propane gas service or repairs:

  • If you can smell gas when you are not using it- that’s an emergency. Contact Sunrise Propane right away.
  • Over time, the attachments may become loose, so let us know us if you notice any play in the connections.
  • Inconsistent gas flow means there might be an issue with the line, so give us a call, and we will check the lines and connections.

Whether you have concerns about your system or want to upgrade to a new installation, reach out to our propane sales and service professionals